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Larua Hagmann

Hi Jeff,

Really enjoyed reading this -- well enjoy isn't probably the best word. Through the whole first part of your piece I was reminded of the tragic song "Love the Way You Lie." Interesting that one of your daughters made that connection too.


Jeff Weintraub

Laura, you're far more hip than I am. I would not have known about the Rihanna/Eminem song had my much more culturally attuned children not told me. It's a great song, really, though very disturbing, too.


Fantastic post, Jeff (pardon me for being a bit behind on the So It Goes posts)!

In college, I became a huge Billy Holiday fan. The mood she conveys is unlike any other music and it has to do with the mixture of pain/love/desperation that you describe. It's a feeling we've all experienced at some point (even in this day and age, as you pointed out with that great Rihanna/Eminem song) and you feel it in every note Holiday sings. It's painful to hear and feel, yet oh so powerful. And oh so very human.

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