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Beth Sperber Richie

I hate to say this to the father of daughters, but we are unfortunately not even close to getting past the idea that women are "unfit" for a wide variety of roles just because we are women. I see women in my practice every day who have hit the glass ceiling at work or, perhaps more perniciously, have internalized the message and have hit the "sticky floor" and are holding themselves back because they don't believe in their own leadership abilities.

There's still work to be done, but I appreciate you calling out when you see the problem!

Jeff Weintraub

Oh, I don't doubt that, Beth (though my own experience where I work is much different - it's about 60 percent women, and many are running the place). I'm just saying that it's startling and sad that anyone would publicly, affirmatively and unapologetically declare that as a personal value.

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