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Christopher Teeter

Before being a "fierce Independent", who thinks like a Libertarian, has the fiscal conservatism of a Tea Partier, and votes Republican, I am an American. Any president, regardless of party, is my president.

But anymore, I feel that Barack Obama, has left non-Democratic Party Americans behind. He is the President of the Democratic Party trying to look like a centralist as he's begun his reelection run.

I hope we try someone new next November and give him or her a fresh new Congress to go with them.

Very frustrating.

Jeff Weintraub

Chris. First, great to hear from you. I hope you're well.

Next, what's interesting about what you say (and I've heard it a lot) is that it's the mirror image of how I (and others) feel. I see Obama bending over backwards to his critics and getting little if any credit for that from those same folks. The issue, perhaps, isn't him but starkly different perspectives. Among the rest of us. How'd that happen? How do we bridge the gap?

I'm really not trying to be argumentative or snarky, but I'm curious: can you give me a couple or three examples of how he has turned his back on the ideals you support? I ask because I don't see it and need to understand.


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