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Mark Solomon

That was one of the best stories that I have ever heard on NPR!


Hey Jeff, how's it going?
My last job title in the military was NCOIC (non commissioned officer in charge) of the Surgical ICU for an airborne surgical team. It was my privilege to provide front line surgical support to some of America's most incredible spec ops soldiers while working side-by-side with some brilliant surgeons. I am also a disabled vet, and I have received very good care from the VA. I completely agree with you on this point. I don't see how caring for soldiers can be seen as conservative or liberal.


Jeff, I think there is a bigger issue here. Is there any other place where stories like this are told? Over and over again, from Marketplace and Studio 360 to Terri Gross, there is news I just don't see or hear anywhere else. In a comment to an NPR story in the Columbus Dispatch, someone said, "go to ClearChannel if you want AM news information." That shows that most/many? people only want the shallowest of information, even on some of the most important stories of the age. My husband and I have spent many moments like Jeff, sitting in our driveway while we listen with our children to a fascinating story airing on NPR or listening with joy over piece of music. NPR has vastly expanded our universe!

Moshe Avram

Al Jazeera's pretty liberal... too. Good luck finding it on U.S. cable services though.... Hooray for the Internet!

As for the liberal bias @ NPR, I say "absolutely!" and we liberals ..and everyone else who values high quality commercial free news...should be damned proud of it. Liberal and liberty (the latter one of W.'s favorite terms with his little Texas twang) share the same root. So, not only is there nothing to be defensive about, NPR and its fans should be bragging about it.

I have a new slogan for NPR "The Proud Home of Liberal Bias!" In other words, Fox News can kiss my Liberal Social Democrat NPR-loving butt.

'Nuff said :o)

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