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Audrey Epstein

Bigotry is ugly, hateful and in some events expressed to the extreme and acted out in illegal ways. Bigotry is a kind of irrational fear which can motivate hurting others. The danger is the word violence that leads to band wagon hatred and civil rights are violated.

The victims are not just the Muslims here, we are all victims of turning against our principles of respect, tolerance and liberty. We are Americans and our civil liberties principles must be maintained to not shatter our values. The enemy can and will be us.

Martin J

This is NOT Christian behavior. Love your neighbor? love your enemies?
this is ego driven power fuelled religion craving for attention


So are there any counter-demonstrations? I would go to one if it were nearby.

Luther J

I agree that this is symptomatic of the worst kind of bigotry, and reprehensible. But it isn't on the same level as burning synagogues, or looting people's homes and businesses, or for that matter, flying airplanes into skyscrapers, taking thousands of innocent lives in the process.

Thanks for speaking out about this. It is important to do so -- but I think we can take a moral stand without resorting to moral equivalency, which too often gives unintentional sanction to the very forces we oppose.

Jeff Weintraub

Luther. By any calculation, there is certainly no equivalence between burning sacred books and killing people. But these acts fit into the same category - terrorism, which is designed to create a state of fear among a broader circle of people.


If someone knowingly and purposefully burns something they know is sacred to me, and if I had reason to believe they represented the majority, it would instill terror in me. By showing our rejection of the act on mass, perhaps we can show they represent no one, and turn it from terrorism into the fringe lunacy it hopefully is.

Chuck Ross

Hey Jeff - I just visited this post, a few weeks late. I think you brought together a number of threads. Moral equivalency is always a question of individual judgment, but I think tying the Dove World Outreach Center to Kristallnacht is important. We need to see that such evil can exist on our own soil.

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