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Jeff, I've looked for this show, but can never find it. Have seen a few episodes and liked it,but then it disappears. Hardly a way to get a following. Would love to stand around the cooler and discuss it with you I can discuss Dancing with the Stars, however. In fact I can give a run down on the Bachelor--one of the more important shows of our time. In fact, last night the model who is looking for love--so much so that she ambled outside the show's perimeters and had some hanky panky with a producer of the show. They both got kicked off the show.I'm sure, as we speak the producer is looking for a job. Now that's reality.

Jeff Weintraub

I guess I'm missing a lot of fun.


Friday Night Lights is easily the best show I've seen in a long while. And for those wanting to catch up the first three seasons are available on Netflix for instant streaming.

But Jeff said it well. You come to care about the characters more than you imagine you can. The way the show is filmed it brings a realism that is uncanny. And while the show might appear to be about football, it's really about the people in the town of Dillon.

I can't imagine anyone watching the first two episodes and not being hooked. Give it shot. It's more than worth it.


PS To keep you up on my new season TV. I'll catch you up on "American Idol" episode tonight--another compelling and cultural viewing. No telling what could happen.
Tune in and find out.

Moshe Avram

I've actually avoided the program because I grew up in a small southern Florida town that was similarly bent on HS football worship in a state where, at that time, the only professional sports team was the Miami Dolphins. Footbal = Life.

I was a drummer in the HS marching band, so I was integrally involved in the reality of Friday Night Lights. It was fun, mostly. I remember always cringing when whoever gave the opening prayer (yes, this was the South) invoked Jesus. Yup, Footbal and Jesus...those were main themes of my HS existence in that southern town. The school never seemed to have enough resources for academic programs but always seemed to have plenty for the athletic -- and particularly the footbal -- program. And we had a substitute teacher whose mission in life (literally) was to convert we Heathens -- Jew and otherwise -- to a God-fearing, Christian way of life via Young Life. Diabolical.

I was the only Jew in the HS band and one of very few in this large HS. That wasn't so much fun. Anyway, my recollection of the adults involved -- coaches, teachers, parents -- was that they were mostly shallow, miserable and fairly ignorant people. We kids didn't take them seriously and engaged in a lot of what is now referred to as "risky behavior." I suppose I was lucky to survive. Some friends of mine didn't.

Maybe I'll catch the TV show in light of your review. Could be interesting...

ask doctor online

The show’s producers decided at the outset to allow their performers leeway in what they say and do on the show. Though scripted like any hour-long television drama, performers are given great leeway in the delivery of their lines and the blocking of each scene.


Rob Ackerman

I completely agree with you about FNL. It's just excellent. And NBC seems to have rocks in its collective corporate head.

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