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Eugene Robinson suggested today that Imus meet with the parents of the Rutgers basketball team. In other words, use it as an educational moment. Very ADL-like suggestion, and I like it.

Marc Gunther

Imus reaches more than middle America. I suspect he appeals to lots of people (like me) who also listen to NPR. He sells lots of books, has a range of smart guests and gives them more time to talk than they get elsewhere.

But you are 100% right, Jeff, that this so-called joke was way over the line. It's not just racist, but he's picking on college kids, for goodness sake.


I know there are a lot worse guys out there than Don Imus, but, from what little I have seen of him, he seems to get away with a lot more junk that he should. All these respectable folks just surround him with respectability that he doesn't deserve, the kind of respectability that Buchanan got and didn't deserve. (By the way, I think Buchanan was much worse and a much more clearcut case of a bad actor.) The Evan Thomas quote is the perfect example of what I mean. He, Thomas, is not going to let a little static get in the way of his meal ticket -- or of his friendship with Imus. I realize it's easy for me to say all this and hard for all those guys (and NBC and CBS) to walk away from this guy (just as it was hard for HarperCollins to get rid of Judith Regan so long as she made them money and for all the movie studios to wean themselves off the sex and violence flicks they live off of), I know it's all about business. But at some point someone's got to say stop. Someone's got to draw a line.

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