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I see I'm not the only person who reacted to Mr. Gonzalez' little speech. You may be interested in the post I wrote on the subject last night (follow my link), a slightly different take.

As for your assumption that Gonzales is "certainly not going to pin it all on your former chief of staff, D. Kyle Sampson" - don't be naive. Of course he's going to pin it all on Sampson. That's what happened to Scooter Libby, after all - in fact it's happened so many times during this administration that I've lost count. It's the standard response to a major blooper: find some low-to-mid level functionary and pin it all on him/her. Based on previous scandals (remember Iran/Contra?), none of the principals in any of these affairs will ever be held to account.

sandy hill

hey jeff, your mom says the reason i'm not enjoying updates on your blog is because you're in ubeckistan or some other country that really doesn't exist...please come home so i can hear your views on the political scene as you see it. love to audrey and the girls. sandy

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