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Marc Gunther

Great post, Jeff. Even if there were only a 50% chance that the majority of scientists were right, wouldn't we want to take prudent steps to avoid what is likely to be a global catastrophe? For a variety of reasons, though, I don't believe that our government or others are up to the task. The problem is that the costs of mitigating climate change are high despite what environmentalists would like you to believe) and they are local (your utility bill, your tax dollars) but the benefits are long-term and global. That is a very tough problem for a political system where people want to get re-elected every two or six years to solve.

Dispirited Friend

I hate to say this (as usual!) but most people really don't believe in or care about science. It's just too hard -- takes too much brain power that could be used for other things, like reconfiguring your iPod or figuring out what to TiVO this evening. Religion plays a big role in this, too -- "God wouldn't let this happen and so it won't." And also, to fix the problem will cause some personal pain -- more people might have to walk two blocks farther in bad (read: hot, snowy, whatever) weather; they might have to pay more (heaven forbid!) for gas or their cars or something. We're a nation of people who like to look at "reality" TV, eat junk food and think everything will be resolved by the 10 o'clock news. In many respects, we're also afraid of the truth. Our young people are the only hope. Boomers are too comfortable with status quo. Sorry, but I wish it weren't so!

Laurie Silverman

Bravo. Prudent action is past due. Regrettably scientific accuracy or truth has a shelf life of 15 yrs at best. Our limited capacity for understanding the vastness and complexity of a world we still are unable to fully comprehend makes decisions seem like two steps forward one step back. In no uncertain terms as soon as we understand the most recent layer of the puzzle we will be appraised of another as yet unknown scientific truth that will point to another course of action. We can only trust and comply to the best of our limited abilities at the time. What, as time goes by, does this mean to the likes of the inhabitants of a world we simply are incabable of controlling? I say be as the trees, the birds and fish…some of us will survive to further define our heritage and thus act universally responsibly. Others, well, history tells their story in the ongoing evolutionlimitation tale time and time again. But alas there is the day to day reality of navigating amidst humanities lethargy that openly allows us to tolerate our leaders failure to lead. For god's sake I have a tap inside my house, my very own house in which just I, I myself, live and heat and consume energy- just how much is even the most enlightened of us willing to change? unless some entity has the balls to push real change down our throats we will march to our own demise. Science, god or ignorance leading the way. As I reread this I appear pessimistic, nothing could be further from the truth- I do believe we must act and act now. I honestly believe that I am personally doing what I can to make changes and have a more positive impact, but this simply is not and will not be enough- real change must be made with no time to waste and I feel powerless though active in this pursuit. As certainly as we are in this together so certainly will we be subject to the affect of our collective miasma. Our heads are as polluted, cloudy and uncertain as the fate of our planet.

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