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Thank you for sharing this C-Span clip with me. If only more people could be this civil about their disagreements.


It is a remarkable clip! Thanks for sharing this.

Dispirited Friend

Thanks, Jeff. I despair of ever reaching some type of true discussion on these types of topics. Over the weekend, I received one of those emails that spark anger and misinformation -- it was about an interview that Obama had with Charlie Gibson and was completely false, but that didn't stop it from being sent all over the place. I got it from my brother-in-law, who should have known better. I sent him to where he could actually see the real video for himself...and see how wrong the email he sent out to all his friends was ....but I know he won't do that; it's more titilatiing to think the worst of people -- maybe that's one of the reasons the Internet is now so filled with lies -- it makes people who write and read this stuff feel important and gives them something to do and some meaning to life. I just wish they'd turn all that time into better use in their communities! Working for something rather than against....

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