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David Rifkind

Time was, great literature provided the templates and models for our lives. Every man had his Achilles or Ajax to aspire to or imagine himself as, and every woman had her Helen or Athena. Now, our lives have already been mapped out as sitcom characters. Personally, I have always seen myself as Lisa Simpson.


Ah yes, running anti-immigrant, anti-trade white coalition. Should win Ohio!

Chris McGrath

I guess this makes you Mr. Grant, Jeff, since you're riding shotgun on Ted Baxter. Or are you MTM???

Dispirited Friend

Dobbs has some competition; I think that Glenn Beck is angling for VP or at least kingmaker with his proposal for regional "meetings" to help promote civic activism.

One thing about Dobbs -- he has a lot of hair -- or is that a combover? -- and that seems to be important in picking our presidents.

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