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Kevin Davis

I think Hilary made the right point however... actually she made two points in the last week that I think help her tremendously.

1. That if you don't like how she voted, find another candidate.

2. She wants Bush to be done with Iraq before she leaves office.

Whilst not a Hilary fan nor a Democrat, I think that the moves she's making to resolve the contentions some have on her voting record are on the right direction and will resolve the issue by the time the votes start coming in.


Thanks, Kevin. I think you're right. She has a year, or maybe less, to make that case. I hope some people are open minded enough to listen. If they don't like what they hear, then they can vote for someone else. But they should at least hear her out rather than hold her to an impossible standard. I think, though, there is a certain intangible or viscerable reacation that many have to her style that they cannot articulat and they use other more rationale issues as their proxies to explain their opposition. Not much she or they can do about that, I suppose. But I wish they would just be honest about that.


What an excellent summary. The idiots who are yelping for Hillary to say, "I was wrong" are completely missing the point. Can they possibly never have made a decision in their own lives that seemed like the right thing to do at the time and later turned out to be a disastrous mistake? If not, then they're better at life than I am.

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