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Marc Gunther

Ah, the Iraq war, election analysis and naked guys in the locker room. No one will accuse this blog of being predictable. :)


Unpredictability: Weakness or a strength for a blog? Discuss.

Beth Sperber Richie

A clear strength. Why would I bother to keep reading if I knew what you were going to say? I have to admit, I didn't see this one coming!

Peggy A

I love unpredictability.
This post reminded me of a time, years ago, when I use to work out with a friend at the Y. We started getting uncomfortable in the showers because moms were bringing their sons into the women's locker room, and some of the boys were old enough to--how shall I put it?--appreciate the sight of a naked woman. We wondered if there was an age limit for boys in the girls room and considered making a complaint. One day we ran into the director and brought up the matter. She cut us off quickly with, "Oh, you're the ones!" Seems some moms had complained that two women were showering in the nude. That explained why the moms always wore their swimsuits in the shower, I guess. When they found out we worked for the local newspaper, they called there to tell our bosses on us. Probably would've told our moms, too, if that had been an option. I should point out: The Y was great about the whole thing.


Thanks, Peggy. You bring up a good issue, one that I think is worthy of another posting altogether: the limits of disclosure to the media. What's "on the record," what's "for attribution," what's "for background," or "deep background." Seems they should have spelled that out on the walls of the showers at the Y.


I have had the same experience as you, Jeff. Traveling around the country on business has shown me that the naked old guys in the locker room is not a regional thing. What I have also seen is that at age 46, I am not one of the old guys, and not one of the young guys at the gym. I have realized that the older guys hanging out, they were having a better time. Forget the nudity, they had real friendships, they are confident in themselves, and not worried about being seen for exactly who they where. Old. Not perfect. A man.
My late father in law, a tough old sob, was just like these guys. His response to someone being uncomfortable would have been "what are you, a little girl?".

Jeff Weintraub

Thanks, Patrick.


I allways go around the locker room naked, it stupid how people think its stupid because we are all boys (hope so) and we all have the part so whats the problem?
the man next to you has one too,
so dont be shy


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Just goes to show..Guys check out naked other guys--Just to see.
I get a kick out of the naked guys so uninhibited, secure with themselves, and comfortable just being naked in the locker room,
It's us more self concious guys got the problem.

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